San Diego: CalAsia’s Chairman, Allan E. Rubenstein MD, co-authors a ground-breaking peer reviewed scientific manuscript demonstrating the utility Heat Shock Protein 90 (Hsp90) inhibitors for the treatment of Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2)...

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CalAsia's MissionCalAsia's mission is to accelerate seminal academic discoveries into safe and effective treatments for both unmet and under-served medical needs.

CalAsia's Drug-discovery: CalAsia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a privately held early stage pharmaceutical company focused on the rapid discovery of drug-like small molecules through development and execution of its expanding core technologies.

In detail, CalAsia's core technology platform effectively combines functional fragment screening with X-ray crystallography co-crystallization guided by a streamlined structure-based design approach to rationally design and synthesize New Chemical Entities (NCEs) with drug-like properties.

For closely related target isotypes, CalAsia employs a differential fragment screening method as a powerful tool to select for highly isotype-selective inhibitors or pan inhibitors to limit off target effects and improve therapeutic efficacy.

CalAsia's highly sophisticated structure-based design expertise in combination with implementation of a validated and optimized functional screening platform has effectively yielded mature NCEs early in the drug discovery process, thus bypassing the need for traditional high-throughput screening of large compound libraries.

CalAsia also employs an academically-advanced stem cell technology platform to evaluate lead drug candidates for proof of concept using patient-derived human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC). This robust technology allows comprehensive in vitro evaluation of late-stage lead compounds in relevant human disease cell-based models prior to transitioning into expensive clinical trials, thus aiding in efficient progression of lead compound development through preclinical stages.

Currently, CalAsia has ongoing drug discovery programs for development of effective treatments that span a multitude of clinical specialties including CNS/Systemic oncology, degenerative CNS disorders, and infectious diseases.

Of note, the CalAsia team has decades of drug discovery experience, including exceptional training and acquired skills in sophisticated structure-based drug design, as evidenced by a prominent history of involvement with numerous successful drug discovery programs, which have produced multiple clinical candidates, as well as one marketed drug.

CalAsia's Services: The CalAsia team provides its core expertise, which includes, but is not limited to cloning, recombinant protein expression (E. coli, baculovirus & yeast), protein purification, biochemical assays, cellular assays, fragment screening, X-ray crystallography co-crystallization, and structure-based drug design methodology to the drug discovery community through contract research.